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Anne Hilbert, the Networking Queen, is a networking coach who will show you how to turn business cards into cash! By using Anne’s easy and unique method, you’ll get more referrals, and form business relationships that will keep your phone ringing with customers.

What do you do with all the business cards you collect? Do you have a follow up system, or will you just add them to the pile of cards that are already on your desk?  STOP leaving money on the table!

Through 4 private one-on-one network coaching sessions, Anne will take the mystery of how to network. You may have already joined some networking clubs. You show up at the meetings, and then what?

In this easy to follow coaching program, Anne works with you personally and privately to guide you step-by-step on how to make these meetings profitable.  From start up business owners to experienced entrepreneurs, Anne’s coaching can show you how to keep your phones ringing with customers!

When you work with Anne you’ll learn:

·        Where to find your perfect client
·        How to speak the secret language of your potential client
·        How to prepare for a networking event
·        How to spot your potential client from across the room!
·        Follow up without being pushy
·        Time management

What can Anne do for me as my Networking Coach?
When you choose Anne as your Networking Coach, she will help you to:

·      Define your perfect client and know where to find them.
·      Prepare for a networking event or social gathering.
·      Gain self confidence around strangers.
·      Follow up without being pushy.
·      Learn to speak the secret language of your potential clients.
·      Immediately find the people you want to talk to in a crowded room.
·      Create qualifying questions for your target market.
·      Listen for the sale.
·      Invent an exit strategy to end a conversation.
·      Get appointments that lead to sales.
·      Tap into the rolodex of others to get referrals.
·      Create affiliate agreements that will earn you residual income.
·      Leverage your networking time efficiently.
·      Time management.
·      Teach others how to refer business to you.
·      Accept rejection without pain.
·      Give referrals that result in business for you.

Are you tired of collecting business cards and not knowing what to do with them? Anne offers a complimentary, no obligation, half hour consultation.

Send an e-mail to anne@MyNetworkNavigator.com or call (818) 267-0785 to get started NOW!

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